Our Values

The core values of our server:

  • Stable — We are a stable community. Our core group has been gaming together for over 8 years, and our Minecraft server has been running for over 3 years with 99% uptime.
  • Fair & Legit — We do not spawn blocks, items, or play in creative mode; and we don't artificially inject items into our world with economy plugins. Everything on the server is built with the work and dedication of the players.
  • Pure SMP — We run a pure Hard-Mode Survival server. If you starve, you die; if a creeper explodes, blocks break. We don't change the gameplay significantly with plugins.
  • Mature — We are a drama-free community, and we do not tolerate immature or dramatic players.

Server Rules

MC.RLY.CC is moderated on a case-by-case basis. We have very generalized rules, because we expect everyone on this server to use common sense, and be respectful enough to not have to specifically define what is and is not allowed.

  1. No GriefingNo altering someone else's build. Do not PvP someone who doesn't want it. Use common sense.
  2. Play FairNo x-ray, flying, item duping, or unfair client mods.
  3. No DramaPersonal attacks are not tolerated. Respect other players, and remember that we are all peers!


This server uses the following plugins:

  • LogBlock — We believe that the victim of large-scale griefing should not be discouraged from playing on the server. For this reason, we run LogBlock in the event that an area needs to be rolled back.
  • Deadbolt — Deadbolt allows us to have security on chests and doors, allowing us to avoid drama related to "stealing." If your chests aren't locked- that's your own risk to take.
  • Dynmap — A high resolution interactive world map generator. If you prefer to be hidden from appearing on Dynmap, use the /dynmap hide command in game.
  • CraftIRC — We have an IRC channel that integrates with our in-game chat. It's great for talking to people who aren't in-game, and allows us to have essentially constant moderator presence on the server.
  • SignColours — SignColours allows players to use colors in signs. You can view a list of available color codes.
  • MultiMOTD — MultiMOTD is a simple MOTD plugin that allows us to share our server news with our players when they join the server.
  • StatCraft — StatCraft is developed by a fellow RLY user to add statistic functionality to the server. Use /help StatCraft in-game for a complete list of commands.
  • Minecart Exit Fix — This plugin is developed by a fellow RLY user to prevent the annoying minecart exit glitch which caused many unfair deaths. This plugin has no commands.


More resources related to the server & community:

  • DynmapHigh-res dynamic world map.
  • IRC ChatJoin us in irc.rscript.org #minecraft.
  • /r/mcrlyccOur official server subreddit.
  • MineStatusOur Minestatus page, showing our uptime.

News & Announcements

Apr 24/14 “Please support our recruitment efforts on Reddit!” by Cowman_133 (Discuss)
Please support our April 2014 recruitment efforts on Reddit! Our community can only become stronger and better through the presence of new users with a refreshed interest in keeping our server great. Please help us out by upvoting our recruitment topic and referring any friends interested in joining a new server to our topic!
Feb 14/14 “Server Policy Topic” by spling (Discuss)
Hello all. Similar to topics we've had in the past, I would like to get your feedback on an important server issue.
There has recently been some disagreement as to how we should configure one of the plugins on the server and what course of action should be taken. The feature in question is the Deadbolt function which closes doors automatically after a specified time. Please share your thoughts on this issue with us on our forum thread!
Jan 25/14 “!mob and !craft commands” by Cowman_133 (Discuss)
I just wanted to draw your attention to our !mob and !craft commands, which can be used both in-game and on our IRC chat. These commands have been around for a while, but they are now completely updated with all the newest items in Minecraft 1.7.X. They give information on mobs and crafting recipes for all items respectively. Happy building!
Jan 25/14 “StatCraft and Cart Fix Mods” by Cowman_133 (Discuss)
In case you hadn't heard by word of mouth, DemonWav has been helping us with the development of mods to add statistic functionality to our server and to remove annoying glitches as they appear in the game. Specifically, it is worth mentioning that the StatCraft Mod and the Cart Exit Glitch Fix are installed on our server. The StatCraft mod adds huge statistic tracking functionality to the server. For a list of commands, type /help StatCraft in game. The cart exit glitch fix has fixed the glitch which caused people exiting carts to suffocate in walls and fall out of the world. Thanks DemonWav for all the work you've done for our server!
Dec 18/13 “Bukkit server online, whitelist applications open” by spling (Discuss)
We are now running the 1.7.2 Bukkit server beta. We've replaced Lockette with Deadbolt and everything seems to be working pretty okay now. Whitelist application are once again being accepted, so feel free to invite your friends to apply to the server. A lot of work has been going into spawn lately, and it's really shaping up! See you all in-game!

(TOP) The Whitelist

To play on MC.RLY.CC you must apply to be whitelisted. To apply, e-mail the form on the right to mcrlyccwlapps@gmail.com. Please put your username in the subject line!

Before applying, make sure you have read and understand our rules. Especially Rule #3.

Please bear in mind that applications with no punctuation, missing answers, spelling errors, or other indications that you have trouble forming a sentence will likely be denied. We're looking for mature, drama-free people to join our community, and we use your application to gauge if you'll be a good fit or not. Good luck!

(TOP) Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the map reset?

    Map resets typically happen when the majority of the active players want to switch to a new map. Usually if there are large generator changes that make expanding the map impossible, we start a new map. Our server has been up since alpha 1.2.0 (Oct 2010) and we are now on our 6th map. Map resets will always happen with plenty of notice.

  • Is PVP Allowed?

    As Rule #1 says: "Do not PvP someone who doesn't want it." MC.RLY.CC is a "hands-off" server; in the interest of Vanilla gameplay, we do not disable PVP [or anything else.] This means that you are free to PVP anywhere on the map. However, on our server we expect everyone to treat each other well. You may engage someone in PVP, but if they say "no" or "stop", you should stop. PVP that is explicitly declined is frowned upon, as well as spawn camping, and killing AFK players.

  • Is Pranking Allowed?

    In a similar vein, pranking is allowed on the server. Pranking has proven to be an activity that is highly susceptible to starting drama. The usual rules apply and drama caused by these activities can result in bans. Before you prank someone, know the person you are pranking, and their limits. Be prepared to clean up any prank in the event that the pranked player cannot, or does not want to do it themselves. These are common courtesy requirements, and we do not at all discourage our players from doing what they want to do in game. We simply require that everyone do so respectfully and maturely.

  • How do I get rid of this Snow block and what is LogBlock?

    To disable the Tool block, use the command "/lb t off". LogBlock is our primary defence against griefing and unscrupulous behavior. Our server uses LogBlock to record block changes and any player can view these changes by wielding the LogBlock Tool. The LogBlock tool is a Snow block that can be used to inspect any block to see what has changed in that spot. To enable the tool, use the command "/lb t". If you suspect you have been griefed or if you come across a situation where you feel a rollback is necessary, contact any staff member for assistance.

  • Can I get a Dynmap Marker?

    Yes, ask the staff (listed to the right) and they will be able to place one for you. You can also request a marker on the official reddit topic. Please know which marker icon you'd like to use before requesting.

Server Staff




Likes: Scenic minecart rides, co-op build time-lapses, efficient exp farms, strip mining, the spawn town
Dislikes: Zombies breaking down doors, drowning, collecting wood, zombie pig men
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Record: Strad




Likes: redstone, breaking Minecraft, and simplifying the grind of daily life.
Dislikes: Chickens
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Record: Wait




Likes: TNT, team projects, self-sufficient bases, redstone machines, benign trolling
Dislikes: Unfinished builds, thunderstorms, mob blitz attacks, death by cactus
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Record: Chirp




Likes: Building overly large or overly complex buildings and machines, bunkers, long cart rides.
Dislikes: Rain, jungles, farming, and most of all, ghasts.
Favorite Color: Lapis Lazuli
Favorite Record: Ward

“oh, right”




Likes: Building complex houses, beating down monsters, and outdoorsy/underground/built into nature type builds
Dislikes: Cheaters and liars, dying to dumb stuff
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Record: Far

“yur face >=(”



Likes: Redstone, automated farms, useless machines.
Dislikes: Chickens, Villagers, Dying.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Record: Cat

“spling, you have wood”



Likes: Grand-scale builds, Hoarding, Anything not boats, Emeralds.
Dislikes: Taking damage, Terrain destruction, Floating treetops, boats.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Record: Mellohi

“My fingers arep erpetually drunk, I can't type.”



Likes: Aesthetic details in homes, complete automation, teamwork, all-in-one houses, building minecart stations, getting records the oldschool way.
Dislikes: Narrow Passageways, creepers, planting farms, low ceilings
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Record: Chirp


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