Whitelist Application

Anyone wishing to play on MC.RLY.CC must be whitelisted.
To be whitelisted, email the following form to Please include your Minecraft username in the Subject line.
Before applying be sure you read and understand our rules. Especially Rule #3.
Good luck!

Please bear in mind that applications with no punctuation, missing answers, spelling errors, or other indications that you have trouble forming a sentence will likely be denied. We're looking for mature, drama-free people to join our community. If you have a habit of inciting arguments, being a pain-in-the-ass, or not respecting others- do not apply. We prefer adult applicants, but will not hold bias against anyone who can demonstrate that they are a mature and intelligent applicant. We'll give you a fair chance regardless of your age.

If you're unsure about what we're looking for, see previous rejection reasons.

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