100% Legit

MC.RLY.CC focuses on being 100% legit. This means that any block and any creation in the game has come from a players work and survival. We don't use creative mode and we don't use economy mods that can make it easier for people to get certain items. If you want something you have to work for it! That being said, we are not a vanilla server. We run on a craftbukkit server with a few mods to protect our interests and slightly enhance our experience.

  1. LogBlock - Our server uses LogBlock in the rare event that a new player causes damage on the server. Since we don't roll with any area protection mods, LogBlock allows us to roll back griefing if it does happen. Although we are survival and focus on legitimate play, we believe that if a hard-earned build has been severely damaged, the player who built it should not be further punished by having to repair it. We will roll back major griefing (ie. would take 30 minutes+ to fix) and ban the offending griefer.
  2. Lockette - Lockette is a mod that allows players to lock their chests, doors, furnaces, and brewing stands from access by other players. You can add allowances for people as well, and the mod also makes the functioning of double-doors smoother. If you put a sign above a double-door that has First-Line:[Private] Second-Line:[Everyone], the doors will both open when one is opened. Lockette is a non-database security plugin, meaning that even when thousands of chests are locked, the performance of the plugin never falters.
  3. DynMap - We run a high resolution dynamic world map available at This map allows us to mark out points of interest on the server, and see where we are in relation to other players. If you would like to have a marker placed on the map, ask any of our staff who are online and they will be able to add it for you. Make sure you know which marker icon you'd like to use if you want us to add one.
    If you prefer to be hidden from appearing on DynMap, use the /dynmap hide command in game.
  4. CraftIRC - We run an IRC channel that integrates with our in-game chat. CraftIRC is the plugin that allows us to do this! It is nice for those who want to be able to talk to people playing while not necessarily playing themselves. It also allows us to make sure that there is almost always moderator presence on the server, via our moderators being in the IRC channel. We can read up in our logs to see what was said earlier, and players can get in touch with us much easier.
  5. SignColours - SignColours simply allows players to use colors in signs. You can view a list of available color codes.
  6. MultiMOTD - MultiMOTD is a simple MOTD plugin that allows us to share our server news with our players when they join the server.
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