The following rules are not meant to scare people away, but to let people know that we are not an anarchic "anything goes" type server. We don't limit players' abilities use of TNT, lava, etcetera, but we do expect that the players who join our server will use common sense and be respectful of other players. We are all peers, and arguments should be handled civilly. The staff on the server will try to remain neutral and unbiased, but we will not fail to remove people from our whitelist that repeatedly break our rules.

  1. No Griefing. - Do not alter other peoples builds without permission. Do not PvP when the other party has explicitly declined it. Use common sense, and remember the golden rule.
  2. Play fair. - X-ray, flying, item duplication, and clients mods that give unfair advantages are NOT permitted.
  3. No Drama. - Arguments may happen, but if they turn to insults and cursing, everyone loses. Continuing drama is just as bad as starting it. Remember that everyone on the server is your peer, and has a right to their own opinion. We appreciate your maturity and respect for your fellow players.

That's about it for our rules. There are a couple of favors that we would ask of you, though: If you start chopping down a tree- finish the job; Don't leave 1x1, or 2x1 towers; Respect your neighbor's space. Thanks.

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