Our Staff

Server OPs:
spling Likes: Long scenic rail track rides, co-op build time-lapses, efficient exp farms, strip mining, the spawn town.
Dislikes: Zombies breaking down his doors, drowning to death, collecting wood, zombie pig men.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Record: Strad


Micksam7 Likes: Redstone, breaking Minecraft, simplifying the grind of daily life.
Dislikes: Chickens
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Record: Wait


Server Mods:
AgrahamLincoln Likes: Farming experience, all-in-one houses, building minecart stations, getting records the oldschool way.
Dislikes: planting farms, low ceilings, living in the swamp
Favorite Color: Green
Record: Chirp


Eirias Likes: Building overly large or overly complex buildings and machines, bunkers, long cart rides.
Dislikes: Rain, jungles, farming, and most of all, ghasts.
Favorite Color: Lapis Lazuli
Favorite Record: Ward

"oh, right"

Lierofox Likes: Redstone, automated farms, useless machines.
Dislikes: Chickens, Villagers, Dying.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Record: Cat

"spling, you have wood"

Racaseal Likes: Building complex houses, beating down monsters, and outdoorsy/underground/built into nature type builds, busting griefers
Dislikes: Cheaters and liars, dying to dumb stuff
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Record: Far

"yur face >=("

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